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If you are planning on extending, refurbishing or altering your property, these types of changes could require a formal application to the Local Authority for either a planning and/or building regulations approval.


Homesurvey can undertake all aspects of this form of work from the earliest stages, identifying the needs of the project and any specific matters that are likely to impact on your application.


There may also be matters concerning Listed Buildings, Conservation Areas and Areas/Buildings of Special Interest. We can also assist you in this regard.


We can also liaise with the Local Authority on your behalf thereby enabling us to take into account their views on your proposed project. This will enable us to submit an application that is most likely to receive approval.


As well as producing drawings to support applications for new projects, we can also produce 'as-built' drawings to support retrospective applications when attempting to secure planning/building regulations approval on work that has already been undertaken.


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Key Benefits of Homesurvey

We provide exceptional building surveying services to a wide range of commercial and residential properties for over 20 years. Our small yet experienced team of Chartered Building Engineers and Building Surveyors set the standard each day. We will provide you with quality, professional expertise when you need it most.

  • Our Experience

    Our Building Surveyors and Building Engineers are  have many years of experience in all phases of building related matters. Our customer focused approach makes us a great partner of choice.

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    We work across a range of mediums to deliver targeted and measurable results. As a progressive company we believe in our professional ability to deliver our clients with the very best results for not just their buildings but their investment.

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    Homesurvey consists of a team of highly skilled professionals who also pay attention to the smaller details. In the 20+ years of experience our team ensure that your property needs are appropriately dealt with. We are committed in providing quality professional knowledge.

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