Provision of Service


1) Introduction

  1. The following sets out the contractual terms upon which the Surveyor will advise the Client by means of a written report as to his or her opinion of the visible condition and state of repair of the Property.

  2. The individual carrying out the inspection and providing advice will be a chartered engineer and/or surveyor.

  3. The Surveyor will use all of the care and skill to be reasonably expected of an appropriately experienced chartered Surveyor.


2) Content of the Report

Terms of the report are set In accordance with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) 'Terms of Engagement'. All terms are downloadable from this website for the - RICS Condition Survey, RICS HomeBuyer Report and a Full/ Structural Building Survey.


3) Delivery of the Report

  1. We aim to attend site either on the same day or within 24hrs of instruction. However, this is subject to agreeing access with the vendor. Additionally, access may also be delayed for various reasons by the vendor. We make every effort to gain access to undertake the survey on your behalf.

  2. The surveyor does not stipulate the time to write the findings of the report, as each survey is individual to the property.

  3. The Surveyor will send the Report to the Client's email address (or other agreed address).

  4. The Client agrees to keep the report confidential disclosing its contents only to the Client's professional advisers.

  5. In particular (but without limit) the Client must not, disclose the whole or any part of the report to any person (other than a professional adviser) who may intend to rely upon it for the purpose of any transaction.


4) Payment of fees

  1. The Client will pay the Agreed Fee, any Additional Fees, any VAT and any agreed disbursements by the Payment Date.

  2. The Client will be liable for interest on any late payment at the rate of 8% p.a. above the Bank of England base rate current at the date of the relevant fee account.

5) Assumptions

Unless otherwise expressly agreed the Surveyor while preparing the report will assume that:

  1. the Property (if for sale) is offered with vacant possession;

  2. b) the Property is connected to mains services with appropriate rights on a basis that is known and acceptable to the Client; and

  3. c) access to the Property is as of right upon terms known and acceptable to the Client.


6) Scope of the inspection

  1. Generally
    i. The Surveyor will consider his or her advice carefully but is not required to advise on any matter the significance of which in relation to the Property is not apparent at the time of inspection from the inspection itself.
    ii. The Surveyor will inspect diligently but is not required to undertake any action which would risk damage to the Property or injury to him or herself.
    iii. The Surveyor will not undertake any structural or other calculations.


7) Cancelling this contract

  1. You are entitled to cancel this contract by giving notice to the surveyor’s office at any time before the day of the inspection.

  2. The surveyor does not provide the service (and reports this to you as soon as possible) if, after arriving at the property, the surveyor decides that:

    - he or she lacks enough specialist knowledge of the method of construction used  to build the property; or
    - it would be in your best interests to have an RICS HomeBuyer Report or a building survey, rather than the RICS Condition Report Service.

  3. If you cancel this contract, the surveyor will refund any money you have paid for the service, except for any reasonable expenses. If the surveyor cancels this contract, he or she will explain the reason to you.


8) Liability

  1. the report is provided for your use, and the surveyor cannot accept responsibility if it is used, or relied upon, by anyone else.

Terms of Service


RICS Terms of Service


Listed below are each of the 'Term of Service' for the:

  1. RICS Condition Survey
  2. RICS HomeBuyer Survey
  3. Full Building Survey


It is important that you download and read the Terms and condition stated. If you have any queries relating to this, please contact us.

RICS Condition Report





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